Affiliate Marketing For Healthcare Professionals and Businesses

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Earn Revenue by Promoting our Healthcare Career Center

We are offering professionals and businesses an opportunity to earn additional income when they introduce the healthcare career center to employers. When the employer you introduce posts a job and uses your discount code we will pay you 5 to 10% commission on the total sale. Since employers post 100s of jobs online this is an opportunity to monetize your network or online audience. 

Please visit the Employer page to learn more about the career center and our employment tools. Also visit the About Us, Benefits, and Take a Tour pages to learn more about RxEconsult.

Here is how the affiliate program works:

  • Join the Affiliate Marketing Program by sending a brief bio to We will ask you a few qualification questions to ensure that this program is right for you.

  • Once accepted into the program we will send you a contract and your unique discount code.

  • Contact healthcare employers and tell them about RxEconsult Healthcare Career center and give them your discount code. The discount code gives the employer 5% off all job postings and packages.

  • If you own a website or blog advertise our career center and provide employers the discount code.

  • You can also promote the career center to your social media network. 

  • When an employer posts jobs or purchases other packages we send you a 5 to 10% commission depending on the terms of your agreement.

Frequently asked questions about our affiliate marketing program

Do I have to be a healthcare professional or own a healthcare business to participate? No. However, we believe that people who are in the healthcare field may already have healthcare employers in their network that they can contact.

Do I have to be an experienced affiliate marketer? No experience is necessary. All you need is the desire and drive to earn revenue through the affiliate program.

How will I receive payment? We send checks once every month for all commissions earned the previous month. 

For how long can I earn a commission? You will earn commission for all purchases that are associated with your discount code. Discount codes are issued every calendar year and expire after that year.

Are there any minimum hours or a work schedule. All affiliates are independent consultants. The more effort you devote to the program the more revenue you will generate. 

Is there a limit to how much affiliates can earn? There is no set limit. However, high performing affiliate may receive higher commissions, bonuses, or other incentives.

How do I find healthcare employers? Start with people and businesses you already know through your network. You can also use online social and professional networks. 

Is there a limit to the number of affiliates accepted into the program? Yes. Once all spaces are filled we will place applicants on a waiting list.

What types of jobs do employers post? We accept all jobs related to healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device, and life sciences. 

Who should I contact for more information? Contact 

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