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The Dressing Room Effect: Applying Lessons From The Dressing Room To Your Optometry Practice.

We worked with a great practice a couple of weeks ago in Bethesda Maryland called Bethesda Vision Care. Dr. Berenhaus has a top-notch team of employees who all have a tremendous amount of energy around solving problems and improving their business as a team. We have to credit this practice management tip to them and specifically to Gary Shpritz, their head Optician.

Have you ever gone into a department store dressing room to try on some clothes and found some clothing from someone who had previously been in the dressing room?  Chances are that even if you really like what’s there, you wouldn’t try it on for size.  Why?  Well because you know it’s been previously worn before. The funny thing is, that what you brought into the dressing room with you has probably also been worn by someone else before you, but because it was hanging on the display racks outside, the thought doesn’t even cross your mind. 

The same analogy applies to a busy optometry practice. Patient’s don’t want to wear a pair of frames that they know have been on someone else’s face recently. Picture this scenario. As an optician, you pull 4 – 5 glass frames off the board and sit in front of a patient. The patient tries out a couple of the frames, and you set them aside on the desk. At the same time, another optician is working with another patient right next to you. They are also pulling frames and selecting frame styles that suit their personal taste. Before long, there are a lot of frames off the board. You might see a frame in the other opticians collection that your patient might like. You pick them up, wipe them off and give them to your patient to try on. You just created the dressing room effect. Even though you wiped the frames off, the patient saw another patient put those same frames on a few minutes ago.

To avoid this, ensure that your optical team wipes frames off and puts frames back on the board as quickly as possible. This is particularly true for popular frames styles and lines that are in high demand.  A patient may have worn a frame only a few minutes prior to your patient, but because the frame came fresh off the board, it creates a totally different experience. 


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