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Behaving and communicating at work is different from at home. It’s obvious that professionals should avoid profanity, vulgarity, sexual innuendos, and politically incorrect statements. Unfortunately, there are many more unspoken rules to follow that are not as obvious but do exist. It's imperative that interns learn about them sooner (with this article) than later (during your career). If you learn about the rules, then you are less likely to ignore or violate them. Consequences are benign but may involve hostile behavioral changes toward you by the staff, tension in the work environment, and possibly a reprimand by your preceptor. Here are some behaviors you should definitely avoid.

1) Don't ask lazy questions

A lazy question is a question that can easily be answered if you aren’t so lazy. For example, “What dosage strength does amoxicillin suspension come in?” or “Should I refrigerate Bactrim suspension?” Look it up.

2) Don't wear too much perfume or makeup

Perfume can be overpowering if you use 2 or more sprays. It’s unlikely that anyone has that much bad odor so go easy on the spray. Makeup should be tasteful and natural. There is no need to be trendy with the “cat-eye” black eyeliner look or the ruby red lips or the overuse of bronzer.

3) Don’t disrespect your preceptors especially in front of the medical staff

One day, a medical intern was asked me on how to manage a patient’s constipation. I responded, “You can use Dulcolax or if you want a quicker way, we can try Fleet’s saline enema.” My pharmacy intern chimed in, “No, Karine, you can use half golytely. It’s a new drug but with only half the volume as the original golytely.” I turned to him and said, “Let’s discuss this downstairs.” What was the problem? The new drug that he referred to was not available since it was non-formulary. In addition, he referred me as Karine, not Dr. Kim, as I specifically requested. No respect. Consequently, the medical intern was confused about who was in charge.

4) Don't complain


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