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2. Veterinary Pharmacist

Pharmacists who have a passion for animals may want to consider working as veterinary pharmacists. Veterinary pharmacists dispense drugs (per a veterinarian’s instructions) intended for use by a variety of animal species and breeds. Also, veterinary pharmacists provide pharmaceutical expertise about dosage, side effects, safety concerns, and they stay current on government regulations. Most veterinary pharmacy jobs are found at compounding pharmacies, internet-based mail order pharmacies, and veterinary teaching hospitals. They are work at government agencies where they create new regulations and laws.


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3. Nuclear Pharmacist

Nuclear pharmacy is a specialty area involved with the preparation of radioactive materials. They improve and promote health through the safe and effective use of radioactive drugs to diagnose and treat specific diseases. Nuclear pharmacists are employed in either an institutional nuclear pharmacy or a commercial centralized nuclear pharmacy. Responsibilities of a nuclear pharmacist include:

  • Preparing radiopharmaceuticals by combining radioisotopes with reagent kits and compounding radiopharmaceuticals that are not commercially available
  • Laboratory testing of new radiopharmaceuticals, new compounding procedures, and quality control methods. 
  • Participating in clinical trials.
  • Communicating radiopharmaceutical-related information to others.
  • Packaging, labeling and transporting radiopharmaceuticals.


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