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There are countless essential employees working within your hospital, but by far one of the most important groups are the nurses. Nurses have the most personal contact and interaction with patients staying in the hospital, offering them more than just help medically, but also often becoming a confidant, an advocate, and a friend. The relationships that develop between nurses and their patients are priceless, and nurses should be offered every opportunity to cultivate them.

Nurses Need More Time with Patients: While the image of a nurse is often of one bedside with a patient, in reality, nurses spend more time away from their patients than they do with them. This can all be traced back to a lack of the correct technological supplies within the hospital setting. With the right technology, a nurse has the opportunity to spend less time charting and searching for the right medication and more time monitoring and assessing their patients.

In a recent study, it was determined that nurses spend the smallest portion of their time with their patients, and the largest part completing documentation. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Documentation: 35%
  • Care coordination: 21%
  • Patient care: 19%
  • Medication and administration: 17%
  • Patient Assessment: 7%

Nurses Are Best at Assessing Patients: While the use of technology is great, nothing compares to the knowledge and experience of a nurse when it comes to patient assessment. Nurses are well educated, highly trained, and fully equipped to identify problems by recognizing them through personal assessment and conversation with their patients. The best technology will provide nurses a way to better do their job, ultimately freeing them up to have more personal interaction with patients, allowing the nurse to offer better care and attention, which in turn leads to a better experience for the patient.

Here are 3 ways to use improved patient care technologies to maximize nursing time so nurses can spend more time caring for patients.


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