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3 Ways Improved Technology Can Help Nurses Save Time Category: Nursing by - August 3, 2016 | Views: 20769 | Likes: 0 | Comment: 0  

1. Technology that Monitors Patients More Closely

One of the biggest problems facing nurses today is the lack of technology available in a patient’s room that allows the nurse to closely monitor every vital function. Some patients require extra care and attention given their serious condition, requiring constant monitoring and administration of medications. While there are monitors currently available that can help keep track of certain vital signs, nurses are really in need of something that can show them more information that will allow them to make a better assessment whether or not a patient is in need of immediate assistance.

With better equipment, a nurse doesn’t have to check every monitor attached to a patient a number of times to make sure they’re okay—they can merely consult one reading to determine the status of their patient. This kind of improved technology allows a nurse to spend more one-on-one time with each of their patients without worrying they’ll miss something important that may have serious consequences, or result in death.

2. Devices with Fewer Unnecessary Alarms

Most of the monitors used in the hospital are equipped with alarms that sound in the event that a patient’s vital signs drop to a dangerous level. While these alarms are often beneficial when a patient’s heart or breathing stop, they are also troublesome and inconvenient.

Patient monitor alarms are notorious for going off even when a problem is not present. When this happens, nurses are pulled away from paperwork, consulting with other nurses and doctors, and most importantly, assessing their patients, to address an issue that isn’t even present. With the use of equipment with alarms that are less likely to go off by accident, a nurse no longer has to worry about “alarm fatigue”, and has more time to spend with their patients, which is better for everyone.


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