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We are not suggesting that social media is not important. Rather, we suggest that publishing online health information and being discovered through search engines is more important. Social media becomes a means for physicians to share their content or knowledge with a target audience and further drive their search engine presence and social media following. Done correctly this strategy is a win-win for consumers and physicians. Consumers want helpful and credible health information which physicians can easily provide. When physicians share their health knowledge they increase their online reputation, are discovered, and they increase their customer base and ultimately grow their medical practice. Everyone benefits. 

Publish Online Health Information And Get Discovered

Given our line of reasoning, physicians may arrive at the logical conclusion that the type of social network matters. Instead of placing all their social media efforts on large social networks, a portion of that effort should be devoted to niche networks that already have a captive audience of consumers interested in health information. Moreover, healthcare social networks that allow publication of medical content that is indexed by search engines may offer a greater opportunity to be discovered online, along with targeting content to the health information consumer. Publishing on social networks that allow content to be visible to nonmembers and indexed by search engines increases the opportunity to have content featured high in search engine results, greatly increasing visibility.

Social Media Marketing Tips

We offer the following effective tips for physicians interested in using social media marketing and the entire internet to establish their expertise and grow their medical practice.

Start with a well-designed website that is search engine friendly.

Add blog features to your website and contribute content in your area of expertise as often as you can. 

Learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).

Build your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus pages.

Join niche healthcare networks where you can share links to your blog or contribute content indexed by search engines. Join RxEconsult healthcare network to publish articles and get discovered just like you discovered this article.

Share your content on all your social networks and maximize use of all your social networks. Don’t be a social media squatter.

Measure engagement on all social channels and traffic to your website and conversion.

Do not outsource development of your health information to people who are not qualified to create credible health information.


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