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Caregivers and Seniors

Healthcare Innovation: Cariloop Helps Seniors and Caregivers Find Options for Care

Over 40,000 of our aging loved ones are admitted to the hospital every single day. When it comes time for the adult children or other family members to research post-acute and geriatric care options, that process is extremely stressful, time consuming, and expensive! Cariloop is solving this.

Upon discharge from the hospital, many social workers or case managers are still handing out books, phone trees, or lists to families to aid their effort to connect with local providers of care and service. As can be expected, these offer caregivers minimal help when it comes to understanding the types of care options out there. There are also online directories like Caring.com or Seniorhomes.com available, but their user experience can be rather overwhelming to caregivers, often loaded with advertisements and content everywhere.

Cariloop’s digital platform is utilized by seniors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to help make better decisions about the geriatric care providers they work with. By supplying a portal where these providers can build a store front and easily share key information about their availability, pricing, services, and more, Cariloop users can quickly browse through dynamic search results to read patient ratings, discover which providers meet their needs, and connect with them immediately. 

Each of the co-founders of Cariloop have many years of experience in healthcare and senior living, and when we discovered this particular problem, we were extremely excited at the opportunity to solve it.

Our first prototype was built back in Minnesota in 2010 and 2011 before moving to Texas and beta testing in Dallas, Houston, and west Texas. Cariloop was accepted into the Health Wildcatters accelerator program in August and is prepping to re-launch in January 2014.

The healthcare environment is undergoing a complete metamorphosis right now, so our customer’s buying appetites are a bit tethered to the moods of the marketplace, which can make it a challenge sometime to propose something new to them. Our team will focus on making sure we provide a huge value proposition to customers so that our retention rates start and remain high. 

About the Author

Michael Walsh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cariloop, as well as the Founder of Health 2.0 Dallas and HealthSparx.  Michael is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. Cariloop can be found on Facebook.

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