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Which accredited schools offer online programs?

There are many universities that offer online master’s program. Here are some accredited schools that offer online programs:

Davenport University (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

University of Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona)

Kaplan University (Davenport, Iowa)

These schools offer a variety of MBA programs that vary depending on the school. Davenport University’s online MBA programs include the following emphasis:

  • Accounting Concentration

  • Finance Concentration

  • Health Care Management Concentration

  • Human Resource Management Concentration

  • Executive MBA

  • Strategic Management Concentration

  • Marketing Concentration

How long does it take to complete an MBA?

Most of the online Master’s program through Davenport University will take approximately 2 years to complete. This is dependent on whether you follow their schedule and take classes every semester. However, there is an option to drop a class if you feel overwhelmed or have other time constraints.

How much does an MBA program cost?

Davenport University: $22,659

Phoenix University: $11, 856-28,065

These are estimated tuition costs. The cost may vary depending on changes in tuition fees and other costs for completing the program.


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