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Claudette G. Jatto, MD, FACPDr. Claudette Jatto in Harrisburg PA
President, Jatto Internal Medicine & Wellness PC
2205 Forest Hills Drive Suite 12,
Harrisburg, PA.17112
Tel: 717-327-4448
Fax: 717-327-4449
Website: Jatto Internal Medicine and Wellness PC
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Dr.Claudette G Jatto completed her medical training at Ahmadu Bello University medical school in Zaria, Nigeria. She interned at Howard University Hospital Washington D.C and proceeded to complete her Internal Medicine residency at Georgetown program at D.C General Hospital. She has practiced as an Internist since 2000 in South Central PA providing acute care in the hospital setting while maintaining an active outpatient practice. Dr.Jatto is a board certified in Internal Medicine. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and has participated each year since 2000 in the annual academic sessions of the organization. Dr Jatto is an active staff member of Holy Spirit Hospital Camp Hill and Harrisburg Hospital with admitting privileges in both hospitals. Dr.Jatto is trained and Certified in the Art and Science of Botox, The Art of Dermal Fillers, and Sclerotherapy Solutions from The Esthetics's Skin Institute FortLauderdale, Florida. Dr.Jatto has been recognized and awarded the National Committee for Quality Assurance in 2009 and 2010 Diabetes Recognition award. Dr Jatto currently served on the Board of Directors South Central Pennsylvania Sickle Cell Council.

Jatto Internal Medicine and Wellness Center was created out of a strong desire to improve the delivery of comprehensive medical care in Harrisburg, PA and service areas within a 10 mile radius. Our goal is to form a strong partnership with patients in achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle and exceed patients expectation in the delivery of excellent quality medical care. It utilizes state of art the technology including patient portal; personalized patient care with current trends; CCHIT Certified Electronic Health Record; electronic prescription; and modern and updated wellness center.


RxEconsult: Why did you decide to establish your own clinic?

Dr. Jatto: There is a strong need to fill a void in my community. I wanted to have a full spectrum outpatient clinic that had an integrative approach to health care. I wanted a stronger emphasis placed on preventive healthcare.

RxEconsult: What was your transition process from being a partner at a clinic to owning your own clinic?

Dr. Jatto: It took approxiamtely 6-9 months to put everything in place needed to open my practice. First I had to understand what I was good at and all the nuts and bolts of running a medical practice. Second I had to develop a solid business plan. Keeping a visible profile in the community was ver important. I participated in health symposium, conducted open houses on health related topics, and contributed articles to newspapers and other media.

RxEconsult: What were some of the challenges you faced when you opened your practice and how did you overcome them?

Dr. Jatto: Multiple life learning experiences. I faced a strong need to learn what it took to incorporate a business, put together a business proposal, secure a loan, and use my resources wisely. These challenges turned out to be excellent learning opportunities and I have no regrets. The most important thing is to learn all aspects of running a business.

RxEconsult: Your clinic is an internal medicine and wellness center. What does this mean?

Dr. Jatto: We offer traditional medical care that encompasses, treatment of acute illnesses, management of complex chronic care diseases, annual physicals, routine gynecology procedures, minor surgeries, and joint injections. We also have a wellness clinic that caters to patients interested in in exploring lifestyle changes. Services offered include esthetic care, nutritional counseling, weight loss and maintenance program, and diabetic education.

RxEconsult: Your mission is to Establish an excellent outpatient Adult Medicine Practice and Provide Comprehensive Medical Care that improves the health and well being of all patients served. How do you measure success?

Dr. Jatto: Success is very hard to measure. At our 1 year anniversary I am in the process of reviewing surveys sent to patients to grade our services. My strongest measure of success is repeat business and patient referrals that are bringing new patients.

RxEconsult: How do you keep abreast of healthcare policy and manage reimbursement challenges?

Dr. Jatto: Strong emphasis on attending symposiums, annual medical conferences, local lectures and presentations by American College of Physicians and Pennsylvania Medical Society.

RxEconsult: What advice do you have for patients who are looking for a clinic?

Dr. Jatto: Patients should research the physicians and get recommendations from people in the community. Patients also have an obligation to determine what they are looking for.

RxEconsult: What key ingredients are contributing to your success?

Dr. Jatto: Love and passion for what I do. A strong desire to to make change, educate, and empower my patients to invest in their health.

RxEconsult: How will technology shape healthcare delivery and how can practitioners and patients prepare themselves?

Dr. Jatto: My best advice is to remain open to change, approach technology as a way to make us more efficient, thorough, and prevent medical errors.

RxEconsult: What is "practicing internal medicine with a twist"?

Dr. Jatto: Most internist are seen as physicians for older americans. I view my role as an internist as a gate keeper. To ensure that patients optimize their health and prevent expensive acute care and interventions that could be prevented by simple choices, and lifestyle changes. I would rather spend more time up front educating, sharing, teaching about preventive issues than writing a prescription. I want patients to look at their health as their 401K account. If you remain healthy you will likely retire and a enjoy a productive life in your older years. If you begin to have severe chronic illnesses you will likely spend your older years receiving complex medical care that would always deplete you financially.

RxEconsult: Dr. Jatto thank you very much for discussing your practice and your approach to managing patients and running a successful clinic. We look forward to speaking with you again as your clinic grows.



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