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What is telehealth

Telehealth is the use of telecommunication to deliver health care, health care information and education, administration, and research. Modern telecommunication technologies such as videoconferencing, the internet, telephone, wireless communication, and advanced diagnostic equipments make it possible to deliver long-distance clinical health care.

Telehealth is the convergence of health care and technology.

Employment opportunities in telehealth

Demand for telehealth has spurned a new $34 billion dollar industry that is expected to grow 24%. Growth in telehealth is creating new employment opportunities for healthcare professionals and administrators at hospitals and insurance companies. Examples of telehealth jobs include teleradiologist, telenurse, and telepharmacist; they were recently listed as the top virtual jobs by Forbes.

Teleradiologists interpret X-rays, CT scans, MRI images remotely and discuss findings with the medical team through video conferencing. Teleradiologists earn $100,000 to $400,000 annually according to Forbes. 

Telenurses traditionally provide medical advise over the phone. They provide advice on over the counter treatments, when to see a physician or visit the emergency room. With todays advanced technology telenurses can monitor blood pressure, weight, respiration, oxygen saturation, heart rhythm, and wound healing remotely by using a telemedicine unit. Telenurses can also communicate with patients through video conferencing. Many hospitals and insurance companies are employing telehealth nurses. 

Telepharmacy jobs are also growing. Pharmacists can review prescription orders, check for interactions, and counsel patients remotely. Pharmacy counseling can easily be provided over the telephone or through video. Telepharmacists earn as much as other pharmacists and Forbes estimates their median salary range is between $105,000 and $118,000. Veterans Administration hospitals have had telepharmacy programs for many years. 

There are opportunities for doctors to provide telehealth services. Physicians can find telehealth employment opportunities at hospitals, insurance companies, and telemedicine providers such as American Well, Teladoc, and Ameridoc


Advances in technology are making it possible for patients to receive care without visiting the clinic. Telehealth is an industry that is growing and there is opportunity for healthcare professionals to work full-time or part-time providing telehealth services.


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