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The Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role is very desirable. Therefore, job openings for an MSL role attract many applicants. I still believe that the MSL position is one of the best jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. How do you find MSL jobs without experience? Several years ago it was almost impossible to secure an MSL position without prior MSL experience or extensive experience in a healthcare or scientific discipline. As the demand for MSLs has increased employers have become more flexible. Although the rules have relaxed a little it is still challenging to secure an MSL role.

Finding an MSL position generally requires a combination of the following qualifications

1. Communication skills

2. Research and publication

3. Experience in academia

4. Experience or training in the desired therapeutic area

5. Experience in the pharmaceutical industry (MSL, Sales, Medical Affairs, Research etc)

6. Fellowship

7. Residency

8. Clinical experience

9. PharmD, MD, DO, PhD, RN, or similar education as appropriate for the specific therapeutic area

If you have the required education but lack MSL experience, the following suggestions may help you secure an MSL job

  • Consider a pharmaceutical industry residency/fellowship
  • Consider non-MSL roles in the pharmaceutical industry (medical information, research, sales, marketing, regulatory etc).Temporary positions or consulting are a great way to get your foot in the door. Here are some consulting jobs.
  • Consider completing a professional residency or fellowship, certifications.
  • Consider clinical practice to acquire experience in the therapeutic area.
  • Consider an academic position for a few years.
  • Conduct research and publish in desired therapeutic area.
  • Join a contract MSL organization (entry criteria is less strict) and you will have the experience you need in a couple years.

Although none of these tactics are guaranteed I know individuals who have successfully transitioned to MSL jobs using these suggestions and are now leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are healthcare professional or life scientist looking for another career option the pharmaceutical industry is a great option.

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