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CoolSculpting is a potentially easier treatment that may be available for removing fat from the chin/neck area. CoolSculpting is already FDA approved for freezing fat for non-surgical fat reduction of love handles, abdomen and thighs. This technology does not dissolve fat like Kybella but rather freezes fat. CoolSculpting, word has it, is working on an applicator to use on the neck as well.


While everyone would like to avoid surgery if possible, not everyone is a candidate for non-surgical treatments. If you have a good deal of fat, liposuction may be appropriate. Liposuction can help define the jawline by helping you lose fat in your face and aggressively remove fat from under the chin using a very small incision. Sure it's invasive but can be defined as minimally invasive.

Neck Lift

If you also have excess skin in addition to excess fat, a neck lift is probably necessary. Depending on how much excess skin you have, there's a neck lift that requires incisions behind the ears to remove the skin but if you have some, but not a great deal of excess skin, you could do well with what I call a mini-neck lift. A mini-neck lift only requires one incision in the shadows of the neck, an area I call the crux of the neck which is where the undersurface of your chin meets the upper portion of your neck. It's very well hidden and looks great for the right type of patient.

For pricing of Kybella, liposuction or other surgical and non-surgical methods for fat reduction, and to find a real plastic surgeon to perform your plastic surgery, visit BuildMyBod.  

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