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Is the organization's principle operational difficulty that they are unable to recruit good people OR is it that their system is unable to develop and retain the people they have and who come through their doors every day? I venture to say that it is the latter. Organizations must invest new energy in cultivating and supporting the talent they engage. Employees wish to grow their careers with long term possibilities. It is essential that a company provide growth. Be it, lateral, diagonal, or upward, collaboratively shaping an employee's goals and interests. This commitment to talent will inherently create a built-in system process on a deeper level. In particular, knowledge of what people love to do, interests, and talents rather than trying to fit them into a predetermined box. Organizations that fail to play to peoples’ strengths consistently stifle passions and creativity.

Many organizations suffer from retention and engagement issues. Evidenced-based research indicates that people remain at an organization because of:



*Career Fit

*Skill Set

Most organizations focus on skill, experience and education, a person who fits their profile. In fact, it is contextual. Today's great thinkers and doers are squeaky wheels. They work in Excellence. They desire to be challenged. Any company will grow and keep the most valuable asset, employees, intact if they care about them. This is a true labor shift. The paradigm is people respected for their knowledge, depth and ability. This involvement with the entire care team will have a profound impact in health care and the resulting patient outcomes.

When one does what is right, with forethought and follow-through, one’s position is secure. Optimizing performance is an excellent opportunity to promote change in the right direction. It is the process that thwarts transformation.

Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, Rph, CEO

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