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Social Media Marketing

How to Get your Healthcare Business Noticed on Social Networks and Find Customers

If your goal is to grow your business using any social network then you need to be visible. You have to get customers to notice your company and how you can help them. To accomplish this you need to showcase your services and separate yourself from everyone else. Here is how you can achieve your goals using the features of RxEconsult, a niche healthcare network. Niche healthcare social networks offer a target audience that are interested in healthcare topics, solutions, and opportunities. They are a great complement to the larger social networks.

Complete every profile field including adding a picture. Empty profiles do not show up in search.

The business profile is best for marketing a business (select Business as user type in edit profile page or when you sign up). Pay close attention to your headline (title). Make sure it has keywords that customers use to search for your type of healthcare business so you show up in search. Write a very good company summary, add your awards or any special services, and tell the world the type of products and services you offer.

Populate your document and video library

Add your company brochures and other promotional materials to your document library. Add a videos of your company, people, services, products, and any videos that showcase your company. You can import videos from Youtube. Add a title and description to your video and documents so they show in search results.

Promote your Business Profile

Invite members to connect with you and share your profile on other social networks (post the url of your profile). Start or contribute to discussions and share your expertise by commenting on published articles. Publish articles (see below).

Publish articles

Publishing an article gets your profile featured on the home page for thousands of visitors and members to see. Content marketing is a very effective strategy for promoting your business and articles published on RxEconsult provide plenty of visibility. Your most important promotional asset is your expertise so share it and increase your visibility. RxEconsult promotes your article to thousands and it is potentially available to many more through search engines. This increases your visibility, profile views, and establishes your expertise. If your article is popular it will be shared on LinkedIn and other social networks creating a viral effect.

Purchase Advertising

Purchase an E-spotlight (a promotional article)

Purchase a banner ad

Post Jobs in The Healthcare Career Center 

If you are looking for new talent post your jobs on RxEconsult Healthcare Career Center. Posting a job also increases your visibility since job seekers will want to learn about your company.


If you follow these tips you will greatly increase your visibility not just on RxEconsult but on the entire web and other social networks. The end result is increased probability that you will find new business opportunities.


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