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Corporate wellness program
Today, employers are challenged more than ever before to keep up with changing demands of their workforce, including inspiring and maintaining employee health and engagement. 
When it comes to the crucial nature of employee engagement, the numbers don’t lie: US companies are losing half a trillion dollars in lost productivity each year. Keas challenges employers to take a harder look at their health and engagement programs, highlighting productivity and engagement as important prerequisites for better employee health, collaboration, productivity, and ultimately, happiness. 
Overcoming Industry Hurdles To Create A Culture Of Health
Over the years, companies have tried to create and encourage healthy behaviors in the workplace by establishing employee assistance programs, and more recently, by implementing various types of wellness programs. Traditionally, corporate wellness programs, including health fairs, brown-bag education sessions, targeted screenings and activities focusing on diet and exercise have been missing one key component — engagement. As a result, employee participation in these traditional wellness programs is significantly low, at five to 10 percent. 
Keas has taken a “big picture” approach with the understanding that there are multiple aspects to driving employee health. The answer lies in a smart, holistic solution that enables employers to build a healthier, more productive workplace from the top down. It’s intuitive that workplace health programs thrive in a company culture which places value upon them; however, the best corporate health programs go beyond this to cultivate a culture of health. 
Organizations that make health and engagement an integral part of their culture and core values experience significantly higher participation in their health and wellbeing initiatives. Emulating a genuine desire to care for your organization’s workforce matters to employees and can be incredibly impactful in terms of workplace satisfaction. Why does this matter? Increased workplace satisfaction transforms into real financial benefits in the form of reduced turnover, reduced sick days, reduced PTO and increased productivity, collaboration and happiness. 
Employee Health Starts With Sharing
The Keas approach was born out of our passion for changing behavior through sharing experiences. Our unique solution combines aspects of social media with gamification, quantified self gadget and app integration, biometrics, challenges, educational material and more to give employees “news they can use.” 
We believe that health has to be social to be effective. By taking a social approach to the traditional “wellness” solution, we enable employers to cultivate a social camaraderie among employees, while simultaneously preventing unnecessary healthcare costs. Each year, employers spend tens of thousands of dollars on health insurance, with that number only expected to rise. By leveraging a solution like Keas, employers are better able to encourage and cultivate healthy behaviors in the workplace, resulting in significant long term benefits — including healthier employees and, subsequently, less money spent on health insurance.
Fostering The Employee Health Experience
Because we offer a holistic solution with a unique approach, it innately encourages the employees’ interest in their own health journey.  We’ve found that with an emphasis on incremental, healthy changes combined with a unique environment in which to feel supported, employees become excited about changing their health and find a renewed sense of love for their job. Keas also works because of the element of accountability. In holding each other accountable, employees are more likely to connect with their coworkers, encourage each other to succeed, and generally care about the wellbeing of those they interact with on a daily basis. 
Companies that provide Keas to their employees report participation rates over 70 percent and satisfaction levels over 95 percent. While using Keas, employees have reported feeling healthier, happier, more productive and more enthusiastic about their jobs and employers.
The bottom line is simple — employee engagement is mutually exclusive to a company’s revenue stream. Increased engagement leads to less turnover and more employee satisfaction, which translates to higher levels of productivity and, in turn, revenue. 
Josh Stevens is the CEO of Keas, the market leader in employer health & health benefits engagement. Keas’ mission is to help more people live happier, healthier, and more productive lives than any other company.


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