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Practical Advice for Surviving as a Locum Pharmacist (Relief pharmacist).

The following suggestions are based on my experience as a locum pharmacist.
What does locum pharmacist mean
Locum is the short form of the latin word locum tenens which means someone who temporally fills in for the regular employee. A locum pharmacist is a relief pharmacist as it is more commonly known in the US.
You are a Company
Locum pharmacists are self-employed so register your company.
You are almost always on your own
Its imperative to wear one's leather skin. If you do not have one then quite simply grow ONE.
Get a Contract
Ask a question, answer a question, ask a question-define the terms of your contract and preferably have it in writing.
Malpractice Insurance (Indemnity)
Professional insurance cannot be overemphasized. If you are a locum make sure your service(s) is/are appropriately and adequately covered by malpractice insurance.
Have a lawyer
Yes, and what's wrong with a lawyer? It's inconceivable that anyone in this day and age will not use the services of a lawyer let alone a health professional. In the UK the PDA provides indemnity that's available with legal cover.
Health Insurance
Your fingers and brains are your source of INCOME, INSURE them to ensure them.
Interpersonal Skills
Manage your team, support the team and if it is not broken don't try and fix it. Just make it work for you and you will be on the highway to success in no time.
Take breaks. It is ABSOLUTELY essential. One must always realize one has a "duty of care" to service users, clients or patients on the receiving end of one's services (i.e., healthcare)
Get ONE, manage ONE, or make it a lot easier for yourself self by using a personal assistant.
Time management is essential to a successful business, and make NO mistake as a locum that's more or less what you are. Need I say this obviously bares strong relation to effective diary management.
You need money to earn money so maintain enough liquidity to manage the cost incurred during provision of services in order to remain profitable.

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