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Many professional nurses underutilize this possibility. Working side-by-side with colleagues will give the feeling that there is a strong network. This is a beginning; relationships made in this manner will be strong and should be cultivated throughout the years. However, taking a professional network to the next level involves an active effort. There are plenty of books written on developing a professional network. Nurses will benefit from becoming more familiar with networking techniques. However, here are three easy tips to get started:

  • Make a commitment to meet someone new once a week.
  • Quickly identify and communicate what value can be offered to a new contact.
  • Regularly follow up with a new contact, to briefly discuss relevant topics in common with one another.

Online networking is a new phenomenon that has arisen over the last several years. Optimizing a presence in an online community has the potential to “supercharge” a network, exposing one to professionals across the world in no way otherwise possible. Rxeconsult is an example of a powerful online professional network. The more active one is in a community of these sorts, the more likely new connections will be made and career opportunities will reveal themselves. Online communities offer mentors, consultants, quick answers to questions, and a place to share experiences. A nurse looking to advance a network and learn about the latest challenges should definitely make an online professional network a priority.


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The future of nursing careers is yet to be written, however, it is easy to begin to see the pathways with a small amount of scrutiny. Traditional opportunities in direct patient care will be the core for most professional nurses now and in the future. However, alternative nursing careers in research, pharmaceuticals, informatics, etc. are becoming a fantastic option as employers continue to recognize the experience and talent in nurses. For a career that may span 40 years or more, it is important to think now about the journey.

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