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Otezla (apremilast) Cost, Prescribing Information for Psoriasis, Dosage, Side Effects Category: Dermatology by - June 25, 2014 | Views: 68970 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 0  

Interesting Facts about Otezla

  • Otezla is the first oral treatment FDA-approved for patients with active psoriatic arthritis.
  • Otezla can cause depression and weight loss.
  • Otezla is used to help reduce or improve symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.

What are Otezla side effects?

Some side effects associated with Otezla include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, upper respiratory tract infection, nasopharyngitis, upper abdomen pain.

How is Otezla taken?

Otezla is supplied as 10 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg tablets. The recommended dose is Otezla 30 mg orally twice daily (morning and evening). Otezla should be swallowed whole; it should not be crushed, split, or chewed. To reduce the risk of gastrointestinal symptoms, patients should slowly increase the dose until the recommended dose is achieved. The following is an example of a starting schedule. 

Day 1: 10 mg in morning

Day 2: 10 mg in morning and 10 mg in evening

Day 3: 10 mg in morning and 20 mg in evening

Day 4: 20 mg in morning and 20 mg in evening

Day 5: 20 mg in morning and 30 mg in evening

Day 6 and thereafter: 30 mg twice daily

What are possible drug interactions of Otezla?

Drugs that increase the activity of liver enzymes  (CYP450 enzymes) that break down Otezla can decrease the effectiveness of Otezla. Examples include:

  • rifampin
  • carbamazepine
  • phenobarbital
  • phenytoin

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