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Personal Pharmacist: A Career Option for Pharmacists Category: Pharmacy by - December 13, 2011 | Views: 57488 | Likes: 2 | Comment: 3  

Recently I was thinking about how patients can avoid drug interactions and one of the points was patients can hire a personal pharmacist to review and explain their medications to them; this is similar to the clinical services provided in hospitals or by consulting pharmacists at nursing homes. Patients already hire doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and dentists. Why not a personal pharmacist? The next logical question was how will patients pay for services of a personal pharmacist or find a personal pharmacist? That thought was quickly followed by are their personal pharmacists? Is this a service that already exists? To answer my question I consulted Google, the oracle of information. To my surprise and delight personal pharmacists exists. In fact a company called Outcomes Pharmaceutical Health Care provides personal pharmacy services nationwide via a network of pharmacy consultants and 40,000 pharmacies. They provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM)defined as "the analytical, consultative, educational and monitoring services provided by pharmacists in order to facilitate the achievement of positive therapeutic and economic results from medication therapy". In short they review patient medications so patients can derive the greatest benefit from their medications while minimizing cost.

I was excited about this discovery so I contacted Outcomes Pharmaceutical Health Care to better understand what they do and the opportunity for pharmacists and patients. Here is what I discovered:

Outcomes was founded in 1999 by 2 retail pharmacists and their goal is to improve healthcare and control cost.

Outcomes works with health plans and (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) PBMs to provide services to their patients. They are contracted with 35 health plans servicing 10 million patients.

They utilize pharmacists at retail pharmacies or independent pharmacy consultants.

They work with 40,000 pharmacies and Walgreens is their biggest client.

Services they provide include comprehensive medication review (CMR), prescriber consultations, patient compliance consultation, and patient education and monitoring.

Personal pharmacists must have a pharmacist license. Any state license is acceptable.

Personal pharmacists are compensated for each service that they provide. For example, pharmacists are payed $75 for each comprehensive medical review (CMR).

Outcomes offers a free personal pharmacist training program. This is the only training required.

Outcomes has full-time pharmacist consultants.

Providing personal pharmacy services is an option for pharmacists interested in nontraditional pharmacy roles. Services can be provide full-time are part-time and you set your own schedule. Considering that there is a shortage of pharmacist jobs this may be an option for those looking for employment. This is also an opportunity for independent pharmacies to generate additional revenue by extending services they already provide, while improving health care.

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