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What Qualifications do PhDs Need to Work in Pharmaceutical Companies

Requirements vary depending on the role. The following types of experience are desirable for the jobs described below.

  1. Specialize in a scientific discipline that matches the companies business focus. If you are a neuroscientist look for a position at companies that have a neurology department.
  2. Know how to design studies and analyze research results. If you have conducted original research it will help you stand out.
  3. Experience publishing in scientific journals, refereeing publications, or editing scientific paper are very desirable. Pharmaceutical companies are the source of many scientific publications. 
  4. Teaching experience is very valuable and PhDs with academic appointments may want to seek roles that involve teaching healthcare professionals (e.g., MSL jobs) or presenting to the FDA.
  5. A good understanding of the drug life cycle is very desirable but can be learned quickly. 
  6. Excellent communication skills are a universal requirement.

What are Popular Jobs, Outside the Laboratory, for PhDs at Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device Companies

Research and Medical Affairs departments of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies are where you will find most positions for PhDs in lives sciences. Regulatory, medical marketing, and sales also offer additional opportunities. Here are some examples of pharmaceutical industry jobs for life scientists. These are not the only opportunities. Use our job board and plug in your search terms and explore the jobs that are available in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

Here are examples of jobs for PhDs at pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Select links for current openings and requirements for each type of position.


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