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RxEconsult: You are the co-founder and co-coordinator of the new APhA Medication Therapy Special Interest Group. What is the charge of this group and how can other pharmacists get involved?

Dr. Schuh: One of the primary charges is share information with colleagues to make MTM happen in as many places as possible and to produce financially viable models to sustain MTM practices. Pharmacists can get involved by joining their local pharmacy organizations but also by participating in national organizations such as APhA. The special interest group (SIG) and e-community is a vehicle to share experiences with colleagues and to garner MTM information to improve our own practices. To help make them more clinically and financially successful.

RxEconsult: What are some of the different MTM models and practice settings?

Dr. Schuh: Office practice, with or without close physician or other provider collaboration; Health and wellness model; Herbal supplement model; Chain PBM platform model; Immunization model; Medication monitoring model; Coaching model: A chronic disease state, patient class model; Diabetes management model, etc, etc, etc. All the above could be in any combination. Financial sustenance would be through cost avoidance of fee for service or any combination. We are only limited by our imagination what a practice could be like.

RxEconsult: Reimbursement is crucial to the success of MTM. How is this issue addressed by MTM practitioners? Do you bill for MTM services at your Ambulatory/outpatient Mayo Clinic?

Dr. Schuh: I am fortunate that I have a billing department that takes care of that. Like any medical provider, anything that is not paid by insurance falls to private pay. Patients are notified up front about this so there are no surprises. I readily discuss what patients are paying for with our patients if they are to pay out of pocket for services rendered. The MTM service is treated like any provider specialty.


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