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Community pharmacist

Community Pharmacist 

Job description: Fill prescriptions, counsel patients, resolve reimbursement issues, manage
drug inventory, supervise pharmacy technicians

Practice sites: traditional chain drug stores, independent community pharmacies, and supermarkets

Requirements BS or PharmD and active pharmacy license

Other Skills: ability to multitask, work long hours, strong communication skills, work in a stressful environment, business management skills

Advantages: Multiple work shifts, direct patient interactions, can work part-time,
pharmacies are ubiquitous

Statistics: 62% of pharmacists work in community pharmacies.


Compounding Pharmacist

Job description: Compound drugs for individual prescriptions to meet patient needs. Counsel patients and collaborate with healthcare providers.

Requirement: PharmD or BS degree, active pharmacy license, compounding course

Practice sites: Compounding pharmacies, community pharmacies, hospitals, universities


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