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6. Do not flirt. This applies to both men and women.

7. Do not argue with the interviewer but it is acceptable to tactfully state your opinion even if it is contrary to theirs. Be open to seeing the interviewers point of view.

8. Don’t give one-word answers. Instead of “Yes," you can say, “yes, I can speak Spanish fluently and read Italian,” Buono!

9. Don’t ask about vacation time, benefits, or salary on the first interview. The first interview is to see if you will fit into the team. It is not for you to decide how much you will get paid; that will make you look presumptuous. If you are hired, these items will be discussed with HR. Hint: most traditional pharmacy jobs have similar pay, vacation time, and benefits. 

10. Don’t complain. The interviewer doesn’t care about how long it took you to drive to the hospital or how hard it took to find a parking space. Complaining suggests that you cannot solve problems.

11. Don’t be arrogant. If you want the position, act worthy of it and be honored to accept the responsibilities.

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