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Pharmacy jobs with no license

There are many career options for doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) graduates. One might be surprised to learn that a pharmacy license is not needed for some of these careers. Jobs that do not involve patient care or drug dispensing typically do not require a pharmacy license and are often classified as non-traditional pharmacy jobs. The following career options are alternatives to the traditional inpatient or outpatient practice setting and do not require a pharmacy license or only require a license from any state. To find available positions visit Healthcare Careers.

Academic Pharmacist

Academic pharmacists work in schools of pharmacy or medicine. Faculty positions do not require a license unless the position also involves providing services at a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, or other settings that involve patient care. They conduct research, publish articles and teach future healthcare professionals. The requirements for this position are a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Bachelor of Science (BS) in Pharmacy, or a Ph.D. degree in a related field.

Drug Information Specialist

A drug information specialist evalutes literature and provides responses to drug information questions. They can be the pharmacy representative to pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committees. Their responsibilities include preparing medication-use policies and procedures, improving a health system's adverse-drug-reaction reporting and medication use evaluation programs, and creating and distributing newsletters containing pertinent medication-use information. The practice settings for this job include hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, publication (content development) industry, poison control centers. A pharmacy degree and one-year residency or similar training in drug information is required for this position. An active pharmacy license is not required in non-patient care or drug dispensing settings.


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