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Practical Tips for Preparing to Switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 Category: Healthcare Administration by - April 27, 2015 | Views: 51277 | Likes: 2 | Comment: 0  

Like it or not, physicians are being monitored. Hospitals, HMOs, insurance companies, and other payers are profiling our clinical practices, our resource utilization, and our outcomes. They are creating and using scorecards on individual physicians, not just hospitals and healthcare systems. And they're doing all this while using a coding system that was put into place in 1979. It's antiquated, out-of-date, and inadequate to codify modern medical procedures.

I like to think of it as trying to write a Ph.D. dissertation using third-grade grammar. In order to fully code what we do, along with all the conditions and co-morbidities of our patients, we must update our methodologies – and that means using ICD-10.


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Jon Elion, MD, is the president and CEO of ChartWise Medical Systems. Dr. Elion is a practicing board-certified cardiologist in Providence, R.I. and an associate professor of medicine at Brown University. He has served on the finance committee and board of trustees of one of the Brown-affiliated hospitals, and is well-versed in hospital finances. His experience provides him with the unique combination of in-depth medical and technology knowledge with a proven track record of entrepreneurship and business development.


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