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Reducing Stress with A New Wellness Program for Improving Corporate Wellness Culture Category: Healthcare Practice by - April 5, 2014 | Views: 19755 | Likes: 0 | Comment: 0  

Wellness Programs and Reducing StressWhy is it that, even with a good health care system, costs related to chronic disease are still on the rise? These costs are holding us hostage because our most valuable resources, time and money, are tied up.  Chronic stress and related factors prevent us from living truly happy and successful lives.  

Chronic stress has been shown to increase the risk of a number of negative health outcomes, including heart disease, cancer and dementia.”   “About 133 million Americans—nearly 1 in 2 adults—live with at least one chronic illness, and more than 75% of health care costs are due to chronic conditions.”  

There is so much data and information about chronic stress, and how to fix it; yet this problem continues to grow. 

Business Success+ began when two successful businesses; Gallagher Solutions, Inc. and BoomerPlus joined forces. Jenny Gallagher and Amy Kraft have dedicated their lives to the field of health and wellness and have a shared vision: provide a philosophical framework and the tools needed for good health, happiness and success.  Their combined wisdom, knowledge, methodologies, and most importantly, enthusiasm, is refreshing and brings sustained results. 

Business Success+ believes there are several core reasons for this disconnect, and it may be determined by our cultural beliefs about wellness.  In our allopathic society, we want someone else to fix us; and while we have quality doctors and healthcare, Business Success+ feels that the individual has to actively participate. However, most people believe this means they need to diet and exercise, which may have a negative perception and resulting outcome. A study in the American Journal of Health Promotion suggests that an individual’s perception of their quality of life may actually diminish after an unsuccessful attempt with their health and wellness goals.   

Concurrently, with the methodology of many traditional wellness programs and the flood of information from the multi-million dollar wellness business, it is easy to realize we are overwhelming the overwhelmed. This actually compounds the problems for the average, already over-stressed out, person. Feeling overwhelmed creates a mounting problem and does not fix anything.  We simply cannot fix stress by adding more “to-do’s”.  

So what is the Business Success+ solution?

  • A primary focus: Business Success+ is here to tackle the ever-mounting issue of how we deal with stress. By decreasing employee stress, we can help lower health care costs, generate higher productivity, and reduce lost time from illness and injuries. 
  • Shift cultural beliefs about wellness:  Over the last 20 years, most employers supported their employees by educating them to invest money into an employee retirement account. Together, we can encourage, motivate, and educate your employees to invest in themselves, eliminate stress and expand their well being, by offering them incentives and the benefits of our Individual Health Care Investment Program.   
  • Affordable programs for the smaller businesses: A study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion stated that less than 20% of US employers offer lifestyle modification services. Therefore, there are millions of working Americans that would benefit greatly from increased efforts from their employers to improve employee health. 
  • Enhance Return on Investment (ROI): Implementation of our Individual Health Care Investment Program allows your employees to shift their perception, which is the catalyst to sustainable lifestyle changes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that prevention programs have many indirect benefits including “increased employee morale, worker retention and improve the organization's ability to recruit new employees in a competitive market” (5)  

What makes Business Success+ different is our Individual Health Care Investment Program. Our focus is simple.  If you invest in the individual, you can target what motivates her/him to make healthy lifestyle choices. This is not traditional health coaching. We offer a variety of services and do not treat each employee the same way. For example, we work with your business leaders to provide a framework to improve the corporate wellness culture for your overall success. Using our methodologies, we can reduce preventable diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer through stress reduction. Studies show there is a link to stress and Alzheimer’s.    

We are not in competition with other wellness programs. We can work with employers who have an existing program by providing our Individual Health Care Investment Program as an add-on service.  For smaller employers that cannot afford a wellness program, we can provide a comprehensive program to meet their specific needs. Either way, we do what it takes to get your organization performing at its maximum potential.


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