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Meal Planning with meals and fresh 20

Let’s talk about Meal Planning…

Working families in America struggle with finding time to prepare and cook healthy meals. Long shifts and different work schedules may inhibit some families from cooking together. For some families, socioeconomic factors such as education, income and even health deter them from making healthy food choices.  Environmental factors such as lack of access to full-service grocery stores, increasing costs of healthy foods and the cheaper costs of fast foods are some contributing factors to obesity in the country.  So how does the average family beat the odds? I recommend meal planning tools to help all families on their path to affordable good nutrition.

As a mother of young children, I have experienced the stress of feeding “picky” children or cooking your heart out for the food critics (my children) to say, “It tastes nasty”. I am of Nigerian descent and have walked down the food aisles feeling overwhelmed with the variety of fresh produce, and canned food. An example will be the purchase of bread, growing up in Lagos, Nigeria you buy white or wheat bread, sliced or whole, and yes there are different bakeries with different name brands, but it’s really simple. The bread aisle still intimidates me… For many years, my diet was strictly Nigerian. I cooked my soups with spinach and collard greens and purchased indigenous foods and spices from African stores. My wake up call was when my 5-year-old son asked me what a hot dog was. What? How can my American son be oblivious to the mighty hot dog! The hot dog is a staple meal in the land of his birth. There began my quest of meal planning.

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