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Most health care providers in current times find themselves spending more and more time interacting with payers, regulators, and administrators. This often triggers physicians to transition into regulatory positions in insurance companies, government administration, or hospital directorship positions. Doctors who use their experience to shift into such supervisory positions are often found to be particularly well suited to foster a sense of cooperation and camaraderie among medical and corporate coworkers.

Health Policy

A very competitive option for few physicians is health policy. There are a variety of ways to pursue this goal. Physicians can run for public office or work on becoming appointed to political positions. There are also a number of behind the scenes alternatives as well.

Public Health

A common arena, both on a local and a global scale, is public health. Physicians can work in local public health positions, with opportunities in state, city and county. Doctors who hold such jobs often develop public health guidelines, such as vaccinations and pre-natal testing standards. On a global scale, physicians increasingly travel to volunteer in medical missions. But there are full-time paid positions for doctors who want to devote their careers to global health. 



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