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3. While a number of doctors experience stress, some may suffer from indifference. This is particularly common among doctors who have had satisfying careers and feel that they have practiced medicine enough. Some physicians need to continue to work, but want to avoid the potential of malpractice lawsuits, audits, and on call duties. These doctors sense that they can contribute to society within the professional workforce and want to get paid for it. This transitional time period prompts physicians to explore and often succeed in the non-clinical physician workforce.

4. Yet some doctors look for non-clinical work not because they want to, but because they have to. Estimates of foreign medical graduate (FMG) match rates run from 20%-50%, with exact numbers almost impossible to nail down. Having passed medical school in their native countries and preliminary exams in the US or Canada, a significant number of highly qualified and motivated FMGs seek nonclinical positions related to medicine and more often than not, achieve exemplary success.

5. Yet another reason that some physicians leave clinical medicine is due to poor test grades or performance or some other reason for being asked to leave clinical practice. While this group comprises a small minority of physicians looking for alternative jobs, they are also usually the least qualified and feel the greatest urgency.

6. On a more optimistic note, some doctors are not looking for professional alternatives as a means to leave medicine, but rather as a way to enter into something new. A baby certainly qualifies as a new project. Because most female physicians spent their early twenties wisely 'leaning in,' they find themselves well positioned to make advantageous and rewarding choices when they start families. Many alternative physician careers provide a lucrative income, job satisfaction and opportunities for career advancement without the time constraints and lack of yield often associated with clinical practice. Certainly, women physicians can reap the benefits of their early devotion to studies and hard work by choosing to continue to 'lean all the way in' or lean 'to the side' a little bit.


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