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Skin laser treatment

We hear in various medical circles about the use of lasers to cure skin ailments and so on. Are these lasers safe? How do they work? What are the precautions one should take when opting for the laser treatment? These questions could come in the mind of everyone. Thus, before opting for a laser treatment, it is always advisable for you to sit before your skin doctor and pose these questions to him or her. The skin doctor or the dermatologist would be the perfect person to answer all these queries.

Through this blog, we shall attempt to solve as many queries as possible. 

The laser is a very effective tool in the hands of a doctor. A trained health care professional should be able to use the laser perfectly for the benefit of his patients. The laser is a straight ray of amplified light. The basic property of the laser is that it is an intense and concentrated beam of light. You would be able to direct this beam to any part of the body as required. The skin absorbs the laser and converts the light energy to heat energy. This can result in the destruction of the unwanted cells.

The skin doctor would be able to cure skin lesions using the laser. As a patient, you should know the certain basic principles of the use of the laser. You should take adequate precaution while opting for the laser treatment. The doctor would ask you to wear protective goggles. The laser can have a direct effect on the eye. The laser works on the principle of conversion of light energy to heat energy. Hence, you may experience a stinging sensation when the doctor uses the laser. However, this pain would subside on its own with a matter of two hours. Doctors, however, use mild anesthesia to prevent you from feeling the pain. Normally, a laser surgery should not last long. You would be able to get up and walk home the same day.

Post-operative care is very important. You should follow the instructions of the doctor perfectly. The doctor may prescribe the use of some ointment for application on the affected area. You would be able to witness and experience the results of a laser surgery after about fourteen days of the surgery. The surgery itself would not be very painful as such. The very fact that you would be able to resume your normal activity soon thereafter proves that the surgery is not a dangerous one for you under any circumstances. 

You can treat a variety of ailments using the laser treatment. The most popular among these are the treatment of scars and pigmentation marks, removal of unwanted hair, and so on. You can cure wrinkles too using the laser treatment in conjunction with the filler treatment.

There are different kinds of lasers such as IPL, and erbium lasers. Each of these lasers has their own use. In short, one can say that medical science has made great strides to make the lives of humans as easy and comfortable as possible. 

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