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Accomplishments and Job Performance

Many job seekers omit to include or highlight accomplishments in their resume. Here are 11 reasons why accomplishments are a very important aspect of a resume.

1. Accomplishments make you more interesting than other candidates and set your resume apart.

2. Past performance is important. If you performed well at your other job chances are you will repeat the same level of performance at your next job. Employers like this.

3. You can control the interview conversation. Employers may spend more time learning more about your accomplishments rather than asking standard interview questions.

4. Accomplishments are proof of your expertise and what you bring to the table.

5. Accomplishments can help you command a higher salary. Employers are willing to pay for top performers.

6. Accomplishments are your value proposition.

7. If you do not include accomplishments, employers will wonder what you have been doing at your previous job. You do not want to be viewed as just another warm body.

8. Accomplishments increase your probability of landing an interview.

9. Accomplishments increase your confidence.

10. These days employers want to know how well you can do the job not just whether you can do the job. Accomplishments tell employers how well you can do the job.

11. You did it. Say it loud and proud and feel good about it.

Here is an accomplishment resume example for a pharmaceutical industry professional.

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