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RxEconsult is the portal for the business of healthcare -- the vital service
you need to be noticed in the healthcare community. The tools you need for
business or professional success are right here.

RxEconsult is a professional healthcare care network founded by healthcare
professionals. Members span clinical practice, academia, and the
pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Healthcare companies and
professionals, use RxEconsult to promote themselves by publishing health
and related articles for all interested internet users.

Members engage their audience while contributing to healthcare knowledge
and increasing health literacy.

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    Sharing your knowledge engages your audience & builds your reputation as an expert in your field.

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    Connect with healthcare professionals & expand your network on other social networks as your articles are shared across social media platforms.

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    Finding healthcare jobs or business connections starts with being recognized as an expert. Use our healthcare career center to find jobs.

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It is easy to get recognized and rewarded. Active members enjoy additional visibility by participating in the community. Publish articles, comment on articles, start a discussion, or post a job and your profile may be featured on the home page.

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  • As the owner of a consulting company, I depend on written content to engage potential customers and drive awareness for my business. RxEconsult gives me the perfect platform to publish, edit and more »

    Tony MIllian

  • As a medical professional, life gets busy. Building your professional network on a larger scale can often take a back seat to day to day matters. However, after publishing just a few articles on more »

    Sheena GuraiPharmD

  • As a clinical professor of pharmacy I am often approached by eager students who would like the opportunity to do research or collaborate on a publication. With my busy schedule as a practicing more »

    Adam KayePharmD

  • Being a part of RxEconsult has had great benefits for me professionally. As a member I have been able to learn about other healthcare professionals and leaders in the industry. The ease of use, more »

    Tim FishRN, DNP

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