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We have received many inquiries about finding pharmacy jobs, pharmacy careers, nontraditional pharmacy jobs, and the future of pharmacy. Therefore, we developed this page to provide resources for pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and pharmacy technicians.

What is the job outlook for pharmacists

The pharmacy profession is growing in number of professionals and types of careers that are available. For example, 28 pharmacy practice areas were discussed in The Pfizer Guide to Careers in Pharmacy. Many of these practice areas are outside retail or hospital pharmacies. Several of them do not involve patient management or drug dispensing.

Despite job shortages in the last few years due to a depressed economy, experts forecast job growth for pharmacists. The job outlook is very favorable for pharmacists. Between 2010 and 2020 the Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 25% growth in the number of pharmacy jobs. This is faster than projected growth for all occupations.

What are growth drivers for pharmacy jobs

  • Aging population
  • New healthcare law that will increase the number of insured individuals
  • New healthcare models that will require pharmacist to provide more counseling services
  • Older pharmacists retiring

What are some important trends in pharmacy

  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) has received much focus. Many pharmacist entrepreneurs are exploring models for providing MTM and how to receive reimbursement. (See the MTM articles below)
  • More pharmacist are exploring nontraditional pharmacy jobs and finding ways to leverage their knowledge of pharmaceuticals, patient care, and healthcare systems.

Pharmacy Job Listings Across the Country

You can use the RxEconsult job board to find pharmacy jobs across the country from 1000s of websites and apply directly. Use your own search criteria. Here are some examples.

What are examples of nontraditional pharmacy jobs

There is no standard definition for nontraditional pharmacy jobs. Pharmacy jobs that do not involve dispensing or require a pharmacist license are probably nontraditional pharmacy jobs. Here are listings of nontraditional jobs across the country.

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