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RxEconsult is a network for sharing healthcare knowledge by publishing articles. Professionals and businesses use RxEconsult to showcase their expertise and build their network.

Top pharmaceutical companies and healthcare companies already advertise on RxEconsult to reach members of the healthcare community and our visitors who enjoy our healthcare content. 

Our unique community of healthcare professionals and businesses is ideal for attracting active or passive job candidates.

Jobs are shared on the home page, on all healthcare and business article pages, in our newsletters, and other social platforms. Candidates can find all healthcare jobs including pharmacy, nursing, physician, consulting, pharmaceutical industry jobs, and more.

  • Over 684,000 potential job seekers visit our website yearly and it is growing

  • RxEconsult health and business articles are read over 888,000 times yearly and growing

  • Our community of healthcare professionals is growing

Visit the Healthcare Career Center to post jobs, buy resumes. start your account and learn about other tools for employers. 

Jobs on RxEconsult Home Page

All jobs posted in the Healthcare Career Center are shown on the RxEconsult home page and the home page of all members when the log into the website. This enables us to show posted jobs to passive or active candidates. RxEconsult members also serve as a strong referral base because they share openings with their contacts. 

Jobs on Every Article Page

RxEconsult has 100s of unique health and business articles written by members. Many of these articles are ranked high on Google and other search engines. Jobs posted in the Healthcare Career Center are featured on all article pages. With over 888,000 yearly views of our content, posted jobs receive plenty of exposure to potential candidates. Visitors also share openings with job seekers in their network.   

RxEconsult Healthcare Career Center is the perfect complement to every healthcare employer or recruiter's candidate search strategy. We place your opportunities in front of thousands of qualified candidates where they network. 

Visit the Healthcare Career Center to learn more about rates and tools for employers. 

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