Medical Content Writing and Advertising

Engage a Healthcare Audience

  • Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, scientists and other healthcare professionals
  • Consumers interested in health information
  • Healthcare businesses

Our Advertising Services 

Medical Content Writing

Do you like the medical content on RxEconsult? Our faculty and network of healthcare professionals (subject matter experts) can write unique professional medical content for your website or blog. We write healthcare content for the WebMD Network (MedicineNet, eMedicineHealth, RxList, and WebMD).

  • Medical content written by subject matter experts
  • We write unique authoritative and informative healthcare content 
  • Medical content written by physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and scientists.
  • Over 15 years experience writing online medical content. 
  • We write for people then optimize for search engines (SEO)

Medical Content Marketing (E-Spotlights)

RxEconsult is the perfect platform for engaging healthcare professionals and consumers. Post your own medical content or we create content for you and promote it on RxEconsult. Promoted articles are called E-spotlights and they have a blue border around them in the article listing page. You publish―We promote

  • We use banner advertising to promote your article
  • Enhanced social media promotion
  • Enhanced linking to other RxEconsult content
  • Article promotion via our newsletter and other media outlets
  • More back-links to content on your website
  • Your profile featured on RxEconsult home page

Banner Advertising

Spread your message, create buzz, engage healthcare professionals and consumers. 

Advertising and Medical Content Writing Rates

Contact for your customized package. 



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