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Advantage of being a pharmacist

If you are considering pharmacy careers then you have probably wondered about the advantages of being a pharmacist. Pharmacists who are considering other professions or have forgotten why they chose pharmacy years ago, may require a reminder of the benefits of their chosen profession. Here are 10 benefits of being a pharmacist and some of the reasons why thousands of students enroll in pharmacy schools every year. 

High Salary: Pharmacists are one of the highest paid medical professionals. New graduates can make over $100,000 a year. See pharmacy salaries for different practice settings.

A variety of pharmacy jobs: Although many pharmacists opt for the retail or hospital setting there are many types of jobs for pharmacists. Even within the retail or hospital setting pharmacists may perform different roles. See 22 types of pharmacist jobs and careers.

Not all pharmacy-related jobs require a license: There are many high paying pharmacy-related jobs that do not require a license. For example, you do not need to be a licensed pharmacist to work in the pharmaceutical industry or work as a medical writer. Learn more about Pharmacy Jobs Without A License Requirement.

Virtual pharmacy jobs: Telepharmacy is growing and several employers are allowing employees to work virtually. The Veterans Administration has employed virtual pharmacists for many years. Learn more about Work From Home (Virtual) Pharmacist Jobs And Businesses.

You can be self-employed: Many independent pharmacies are thriving despite stiff competition from chain drugstores. Specialty pharmacies are a fast growing sector.


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