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Flexible work hours: If you like working at night, there are graveyard shifts in the hospital and retail settings. You can also work full-time or part-time. 

Pharmacists are neededPharmacists are part of the healthcare team and their contributions to care saves lives. As the population ages, more pharmacists will be needed to take care of the elderly.

Expanded authority: The trend is for pharmacists to provide more care. Several states, like California, now allow pharmacists to prescribe. More authority hopefully means more demand and higher pay for pharmacists and increased job security.

Live anywhere: Most towns have a pharmacy. If you find a town that does not have a pharmacy then open one. 

Barriers to entry: Licensure, the years of training, and the high cost of a pharmacy education are barriers to entering the profession. This keeps the profession from saturating too quickly and it protects pharmacy jobs. However, this theory is being tested by the number of pharmacy schools that are churning out pharmacists.


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