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10 Behaviors Pharmacy Interns Should Avoid Category: Pharmacy by - January 3, 2013 | Views: 38815 | Likes: 4 | Comment: 1  

5) Don’t use the work computer as your personal computer to browse through social media sites or check your emails

6) Don’t leave your work area in a mess

7) Don’t gossip

No matter how much you know about who is sleeping with who or who got the pay raise and who didn’t, do not share the information. If you do, you will be so knee deep in work politics that it will be difficult for you to swim out of.

8) Don’t agree to an assignment if you are unsure of what it is or how to do it

As new pharmacists, you may not be familiar with all of your responsibilities and assignments. Don’t nod yes to something that you don’t understand. Preceptors are more willing to guide and teach in the beginning of the assignment than later.

9) Don’t take criticism personally

As new pharmacists, you should expect criticism on your work performance, habits, and attitude. If you don’t get it, ask for it. Criticism is like a medicine pill; bitter to take but will make you better. Don’t allow criticism to affect you personally. A preceptor telling you that your presentation was missing key information is not the same as telling you that you are a terrible intern.

10) Don’t leave a facility on bad terms

No matter how bad the facility, hospital, or store was to you, do not leave on bad terms. Maintain civility. Don’t bad-mouth about the facility or the preceptor to others. You never know when you might need them again.

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