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10 Benefits Of Pharmacogenetic Testing In A Geriatric Practice Category: Pharmacotherapy by - July 10, 2015 | Views: 32841 | Likes: 0 | Comment: 0  

Pharmacogenetic testing and geriatric medicine


Dr. Scott Dellinger, MPC Geriatrics, shares ten reasons why metabolic validation through pharmacogenetic testing has become an integral part of his long term care (LTC) practice for nearly 30 assisted living facilities with approximately 1,100 geriatric patients and growing.  


Pharmacogenetic testing helps me find the best medication for each individual patient.


Pharmacogenetic testing is a clinical tool that helps health care providers move beyond the "one size fits all" treatment strategy, to more personalized medicine.


Pharmacogenetic testing reduces the risk of drug-drug interactions and enables selection of the correct doses. 


I was able to identify that 50-75% of my patients were on a medication that needed a dosage change by utilizing this tool.


Pharmacogenetic testing explains why every patient doesn't do well with the same blood pressure medicine, psychotropic medication, or a whole host of other medications used for treating pain, behavior issues, and cardiovascular conditions.  


Test results are received in about 48 hours and they help me select the appropriate medications based on the patient’s metabolic profile.


Pharmacogenetic testing helps me reassure patients and their family members that they are on the right medication and right dosage. 


Utilizing pharmacogenomics increases compliance with black box warnings or recommendations for dosing medications that require pharmacogenomic testing. 


Metabolic validation identifies patients who require lower doses. Using lower doses reduces side effects. It helps us reduce the dose of psychotropic medications and stop unnecessary medications.


Pharmacogenetic testing has made my practice more effective and efficient, benefiting the patient, the facility and my staff.

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