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10 Significant Grapefruit Juice Drug Interactions To Avoid Category: Pharmacotherapy by - February 1, 2013 | Views: 99098 | Likes: 2 | Comment: 1  

Ritonavir (Norvir) is a protease inhibitor used for treating HIV patients. Grapefruit juice can increase blood levels of ritonavir by more than 3-fold. Side effects from this interaction include fainting, numbness, and headaches. It is advisable to avoid taking grapefruit juice while taking ritonavir.

Buspirone (Buspar) is an antianxiety medication. Taking buspirone with grapefruit juice can increase the amount of drug in the blood up to 9 fold. This increase in drug concentration could lead to serious side effects such as chest pain, muscle rigidity, hallucination, and even seizures. Patients are advised not to take buspirone with grapefruit juice. 

Healthcare providers should educate patients on the interaction between grapefruit juice and these medications. Keeping in mind that there are differences in response from one person to the next and the elderly are especially prone to the dangers of grapefruit juice-drug interactions. There are alternatives to the medications described above if stopping grapefruit juice is not an option. When starting a new medication discuss potential drug interactions with a pharmacist. 


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