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Myth #2: White Foods Are Bad For Me

This is a sweeping generalization meant to discourage you from eating refined grains (for example, white bread, white rice, white pasta) and simple sugars (for example, candy, cakes, cookies, and pies). The intention behind this adage is good, but it loses something in translation to practical application. Refined foods lose a large number of important micro- and macro-nutrients during the refinement process, while they also become mixed with a number of undesirable substances. Obesity, malnutrition, and even cancers can result from eating a diet high in refined foods. The problem with this adage, however, when misunderstood, keeps people from eating foods that are naturally white and packed with good nutrition such as white potatoes, cauliflower, white beans, mushrooms, onion, and white root vegetables. These are foods not to be avoided because of the good nutrients they offer. So, let’s do our bodies a favor and change our focus. White foods that grow white should be given a place of importance in your diet while foods made white due to processing are best replaced with other options.



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