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Sometimes starting a new job is difficult, but starting a new business venture is even more daunting. What if you had the support of pharmacists already independently contracting out their services?

As an independent consultant pharmacist, I currently provide relief services, clinical services implementations, MTM management and I plan to offer immunization clinics this flu season. This year we will also help patients enroll for the right Medicare plan during open enrollment. There is a huge opportunity for independent consultant pharmacists to market their skills and build their own consultant businesses because few community retail pharmacies have the time, staff and resources needed to offer consistent clinical services. Independent consultants can offer a valuable and often more sustainable alternative than hiring a dedicated MTM staff pharmacist.

My independent consultant business started as relief work for multiple pharmacies in my area to build trust with pharmacy staff and owners. After building my reputation with these pharmacists, I felt more comfortable offering to implement and run more clinical services such as MTM and immunization clinics.

Here are some tips that can really get you started on the right foot as an independent consultant.

1.  Get your name well known as a "floating" relief pharmacist. Focus on helping out pharmacist-owned independent stores in your area. Especially, pharmacies that are too busy to provide their own clinical services. Go out and meet new pharmacists, connect with them in person. Drop by and give them a business card because as an independent pharmacist you never know where your next opportunity is going to come from. 

2.  Test the waters. Provide MTM services on your own to make sure you enjoy it. If you do not enjoy providing MTM then find another passion. It is important that you keep looking for your passion. Don't give up!  You went to pharmacy school for a reason; sometimes you just have to reconnect with that reason.




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