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Most business owners don’t think about the opportunities they are missing by not taking full advantage of using promotional tools in-house. However, if you want to increase sales, show the scope of your line, and introduce your customers to new products or services, you should be capitalizing on the opportunities that are available with in-house promotions tools. One of the best tools businesses can use is a digital message board. But to best utilize your message board, there are few key considerations that must be made.

Put it where people can see it – A message board has to be located in a high traffic area in order for it to do its job. One of the best ways to determine the best location for your message board is to watch the traffic paths through your business. Look for ending locations, high traffic corners, and waiting areas as potential places for your message board. You might have to move it around a few times before you find the exact spot where it will maximize its own exposure and help your business grow. Once you find a good place, you need to station the board in that location. However, don’t forget about it. You may need to move it every now and again to keep the interest of the viewer.

Make the message easy to read – When you are setting up your message, you need to be very critical about the size, font, text color, and scrolling speed you select. Try your message in different ways to be sure that you are using a size, font, color and speed that is easy to read but still eye-catching to the viewer. If your viewer can’t read the message easily, they will most likely not put forth the effort required to do so. Once you have found the best elements to highlight your message, be sure to record your settings for future reference. Remember, just because the settings work doesn’t mean there aren’t other setting that will also work. Experiment with your message board in order to keep it fresh.

Keep it simple – You can’t say everything in a board message so you will most likely need to do some editing of your original ideas. You only should include in your message the most important elements. You are building excitement about the items you are presenting, not telling everything you know. The simpler your message is, the more likely people are to read and remember it. If they need a longer explanation of a product or service, you now have an opportunity to engage them in full-scale selling. The purpose of the board is to catch the viewer’s attention; the purpose of you and your sales team is to answer the objection and make the sale happen.

Change it up – People get bored with things easily. Once the newness of an object has worn off, people will acclimate to it and begin to it as normal unless there is something about it that is new or changing. If you don’t change your message frequently, you run the risk of people starting to ignore it. However, if you change your message regularly and frequently, people are more likely to check it each time they enter your business. Additionally, the “newness” of the board won’t wear off if the message changes frequently. You should change your messages on a schedule, usually about once or twice a month will do to keep it fresh. It is wise not to publicize when you change your messages so that customers will need to check the board regularly to see if it has changed.

Make reading the board important – Reading the board should be part of a customer’s visit to your business. While creating a routine such as this will take several exposures and some extra promotion in order to build the habit, as soon as your customers are in the habit of checking the board, it will begin to help build your business. Every message doesn’t have to be a sale or a discount in order to make this tool work. You can simply slip something in such as a secret word to get something free or discounted every few weeks or so in order to reinforce the habit of checking the board. When you change your message, make it meaningful to your customers. The board is a great place for special offers, sales, or other promotional messages that make it worth your viewer’s while to check it regularly. Your board should be a point of excitement in your business; something that people want to check and check often to find out what’s new in your company.

The savvy business owner knows that opportunities to increase business and sales don’t cease once the customer is in your business. By using an in-house message board effectively, owners can increase their sales without having to do a “hard sell”. Your customers will enjoy finding out the new and exciting things happening in your business and you will reap the benefits of using this promotional tool in the form of a better bottom line.

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