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Pharmaceutical/Device Industry – Many nurses are aware that there may be job opportunities in “pharma” as a sales representative. However, if a nurse has specialized their career, seek out a pharma company that focuses on products related to your specialty. These companies are looking for unique expert insights. Consider pharmaceutical jobs in Research & Development, Clinical or Medical Affairs/Operations, or Pharmacovigilance. The nurse will enjoy a new network of highly educated and motivated individuals and will work with a shared passion for solving patient care related challenges.


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Law – Interested in the legal system? Consider Legal Nurse Consulting (LNC). According to the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, the LNC is responsible for serving as “analysts, collaborators, strategists, researchers, and educators”. This role would involve interviewing clients, interpreting medical records, and advising/educating attorneys. A passion in this field may also open doors for your political career!

Entrepreneur – As a clinical nurse, you will be exposed to a universe of gaps in patient care.  If you can “build the better mousetrap” you may have the beginnings of a successful business. Perhaps it is designing a device or providing a better service. A pediatric nurse may become frustrated seeing so many childhood injuries resulting in hospitalization. Start a child-safety business: educate new parents, childproof homes, and initiate community car seat installation clinics. A nurse entrepreneur will need to be creative, risk-tolerant, and ambitious.

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