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7 Fears of Aspiring Freelance Experts Category: Job Search by - January 5, 2015 | Views: 33862 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 2  

Fears of freelance experts

If you could give seminars and talks about your area of expertise instead of 'working,' would you? I have heard from healthcare professionals throughout the country and even outside the USA who want to become speakers, writers or independent consultants. Becoming a professional presenter, author or expert can be a lucrative career if you are prepared to build a solid business plan.

I have spoken to dozens of health care professionals who have a vision of taking their expertise and turning it into a freelance expert business. However, the thought of working as a professional expert can actually be pretty scary, and I have seen that this is what prevents most people from ultimately taking the steps to pursue their dreams. There are 7 fears when it comes to becoming a freelance expert. Maybe you have experienced some of them?


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1. Online Criticism

Everything you do as an expert might be reviewed online. This fact can be paralyzing, especially for those of us who did not have the Internet or social media early in our careers. The idea of seeing anything negative (and sort of permanent) in print has pushed some professionals to avoid career paths that can put them in the ‘spotlight.’

2. Someone at Work Doesn't Like Me

Unfortunately, a bullying, intimidating co-worker or supervisor can make people afraid of getting noticed. The fear that an adversary at work will sabotage your efforts to lecture, consult or write can create a trap that may be difficult to escape from.

3. Coworkers Might be Irked That I see Myself as a Leader

Similarly, some professionals are concerned that efforts to distinguish themselves as freelance consultants may not be well received among peers. I have heard, ‘I really want to do this, but I had better not because I'm really not any better than anyone else at work’ or ‘People at work might say, what makes you an authority or an expert?'



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