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7 Fears of Aspiring Freelance Experts Category: Job Search by - January 5, 2015 | Views: 33862 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 2  

4. I am Not Attractive

I have heard this from males and females. Some professionals want to build websites or blogs, but prefer to keep a personal photo out of it, concerned that a lack of movie star looks will be either embarrassing or bad for web traffic.

5. I Want to be an Anonymous Expert

Some experts are just shy. There are professionals who have great ideas and who want to give professional talks but who really don't want to be noticed or recognized.

6. My Extended Family Will Make a Big Deal Out of It

For various reasons, family hierarchies can be deeply entrenched and some prefer not to disrupt the balance by doing anything that makes them more prominent or successful than certain family members. Some fear that the family will say that what they are doing is weird. Or they might say they never expected you to be a keynote speaker.

7. I Might Fail

What if you write a book that doesn't become a best seller? What if you give a speech at a professional seminar that isn't well attended? What if you start a course that doesn't fill? What if you invest in a consulting business that doesn’t take off?

Becoming a freelance expert is a dream of many professionals, either as a full-time career or as a side gig for supplemental income. It can be exciting and rewarding, but it is certainly not for everybody because the fears are, in reality, valid.

Have you ever had any of these fears? Were you able to overcome them?

Dr. Heidi Moawad is a neurologist and author of How to be a Freelance Expert: The steps to becoming a freelance expert and Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine.  

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