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Get More Candidates:  It sounds simple, right? In-house physician recruiters should always be looking for new ways to source candidates. At the beginning stages of a recruitment effort, you’ll likely need a good quantity of candidates in order to find the right fit and quality that you need. If what you’re currently doing isn’t meeting your needs, then it’s time to try something new, and the good news here is that there is an abundance of sources that can provide the candidate you need. Consider trying a new job board, a new contingency firm, or direct mail and email marketing.

Don’t Pass on Passive Physician Job Seekers:  Some candidates will communicate that they are not actively looking for a new job but are just reaching out for more information. It’s easy to label candidates like these as “tire kickers,” and then shuffle them to the bottom of your stack of CV’s. It’s true that active job seekers will usually sign a contract faster than a passive seeker will, but it’s a big mistake to not follow up with a passive job seeker. Most of the time when passive job seekers reach out to you as an in-house recruiter, there is something very specific about your job that interests them, as opposed to an active seeker who is probably interviewing for many different jobs. 

Make sure to find out exactly why the passive seeker is expressing interest, and learn what it would take to turn the candidate’s passive approach into an active one. Try using a low pressure approach and proceed with recruitment under the timeframe that works for the passive seeker, even if you really need to sign a candidate more quickly than the candidate’s timeframe allows. It will probably take longer to fill your job with a passive seeker, but the payoff can be well worth it. Retention can be easier due to the special aspect of your job that attracted the candidate to you in the first place.


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