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New Mobile Personal Emergency Response Technology Helps Seniors Remain Independent Longer, Gives Loved Ones Peace of Mind

For many American seniors, staying in their own home and living independently as long as possible is a top priority. Remaining independent is a tremendous benefit to seniors, allowing them to be close to family, stay connected with friends, participate in community activities they love and reduce the cost of an assisted living or nursing home stay. However, seniors can also face risks of falls, injuries and illness, which can cause worry for loved ones and caregivers.

Helping Seniors Age in Place

According to the CDC, about 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every day until 2030. Because of this, there is a need for strategies and programs to help this growing segment age in place for as long as possible. Aging in place can be beneficial both for comfort and independence, as well as financial reasons, with the average current cost of nursing home care around $6,700 a month.

To help loved ones age in place safer and longer, many families turn to personal emergency response systems, or PERS, to enable seniors to reach help quickly in the event of an emergency. These systems benefit seniors and their families, allowing users to talk with emergency care specialists 24/7 at the press of a button. Specialists can send emergency personnel or loved ones to the user, depending on what is needed. PERS provide a solution for seniors and peace of mind for loved ones who can’t be there around the clock.

However, many traditional PERS products are connected to a landline telephone in the senior’s home, and the user must be able to speak through a base station unit in the home to be heard by care specialists. That means the PERS solutions are only effective when the individual is in or around the home within voice range of the base station, and the user must have a landline phone to use this system.

Today’s seniors stay active much longer, participating in community events, outings with friends, visits to family in other cities and states and more. With a traditional landline system, the peace of mind of their PERS device ends as soon as the senior leaves home. In addition, many of these traditional systems cannot be used in the shower—where many falls and injuries occur. Seniors are also getting rid of landline phone lines in favor of less expensive options, and thus need an alternative to traditional PERS solutions.

Better Technology for a More Active Lifestyle

To overcome the limitations of traditional PERS, a new style of mobile PERS is being developed to help seniors stay active and independent and have 24/7 access to help wherever they go, where there is cellular coverage. Many mobile PERS are very small, lightweight, easy-to-wear and shower-safe, and use cellular technology to provide virtually unlimited access to emergency care specialists at home or away from home.

With mobile PERS, users can confidently travel to visit friends and family or run errands in the neighborhood, knowing that help is available wherever they go. In addition, some mobile PERS devices provide the added convenience and peace of mind of a very long-lasting rechargeable battery. Other mobile PERS devices need to be charged daily, so they are not as easy to wear and use.  

Help is Just a Push of a Button Away

By providing easy access to emergency assistance, mobile PERS help seniors to stay in their homes as long as possible and provides the confidence to continue doing activities they enjoy at home and away from home. Knowing that someone is there if their loved ones need help also gives peace of mind to caregivers and family members.

About the author

Tom Collopy has more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry. Tom is president and CEO of Securus, maker of the eResponder mobile PERS solution. eResponder is one of the smallest, lightest, take-anywhere two-way voice mobile PERS products available and features exceptional battery life and a shower-safe design. In 2015, Freeus, LLC acquired the Securus PERS business, including eResponder. 



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