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Advice for Pharmacists

It is graduation day!

For the past 6 or more years you have toiled, studied, lived on a meager income, sacrificed sleep and other comforts and maybe even personal relationships. You have overcome financial and other challenges to reach this point. There were many anxious moments as you studied for exams and waited to see your grades. You often wondered whether this day will arrive — when you finally receive the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD) and earn the opportunity to sit for the pharmacy license exam; the gateway to a lucrative pharmacist job. 

Congratulations new pharmacist graduates; the long awaited moment has arrived. Your family, friends, professors, and preceptors are proud of you. Most of all you should be proud of your accomplishments. Pharmacists all over the world welcome you to a respected profession of healthcare providers charged with ensuring the safe and effective use of medications to mitigate and cure illness. 

Enjoy this day and savor every moment because you have earned it. You are now crossing into a new chapter in your life and career — pharmacy school days have ended and a new journey as a pharmacist is beginning. As you embark on this new journey here is some advice to help you gain the most benefit from your educational investment.

Learning is Not Over

College may be over for most of you, however, learning continues. The most important skill you learned from college is how to learn and master new challenges. To be really good at your trade keep up with practice trends and seek every opportunity to hone your skills so you can provide the best care possible and remain relevant. Neglect your professional development and you will run the risk of becoming obsolete. Don't become the unhappy pharmacist.




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